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Our mission:


Preanalytics provides the basis for the diagnostic process and has a significant influence on more than 70% of all patient treatments.

Errors in the preparation of sample tubes, incorrect identification of patients and samples as well as missing documentation during sample collection are not uncommon in daily routine work.

By using our VACUETTE® Pre-Barcode Tubes and digital system solutions, we can help achieve a verifiable improvement in sample quality, reduction of mix-ups and sustainable transparency for continuous process improvement and necessary documentation.

Minimizing preanalytical errors has never been easier!


Scientific article

Learn more about "Implementation of pre-labelled barcode tubes and the Greiner eHealth Technologies System in a general hospital for the exact documentation of the time of venous blood sample and improvement of sample quality"

Scientific article by Gabriele Halwachs-Baumann and Birgit Winninger
DE GRUYTER - Clin Chem Lab Med 2020; aop

>>> Follow this link for the full article 

Numbers & strengths


Scanned VACUETTE® Barcode Tubes


Up to 50% time savings through more efficient processes


Up to 70% sustainable reduction of the preanalytical error rate


100% data protection

The Greiner eHealth Technologies Team: Digitizer of Preanalytics

Christoph Rampetsreiter
Head of Greiner eHealth Technologies

Florian Aigner
Stiwa Application and Integration Manager

Markus Edlinger
Software Development Coordinator

Markus Grüner
International Sales Coordinator

Christoph Haider
Stiwa Application and Integration Engineer

Philipp Heindl
Software Engineer

Bettina Hetzmannseder
Process & Sales Manager

Patrick Höll
Software Developer

Hind Jabbar
Software Quality Manager

Benjamin Mayer
Stiwa Application Engineer and Project Manager

Stefan Pühringer
Stiwa Software Quality Manager

Martin Weigl
Stiwa Product Owner LabFlow

Roland Wingelhofer
Stiwa Head of Labautomation

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Our partner network OÖG GZO Stiwa X-tention labunique Sil lab datalabX datamed Werfen i-SOLUTIONS T&O GS1

Frequently asked questions

We are specialized in digital systems for hospitals, blood collection centers, doctors, nursing staff, veterinarians and laboratories. 

  • Patient wristband gets scanned or  identification of patient is checked verbally
  • Samples are taken based on the open order on the screen by the Greiner eHealth Technologies software 
  • Filled tubes/container are scanned and can be sent directly to the lab

All Information about the patient is available and can be retrieved by a simple scan. 
This ensures that the patient's privacy is always protected. 
Only authorized personnel have access to the patient-related data (valid login).

In addition to a verbal identification, the patient wristband will be scanned, which automatically opens the collection order on the screen.

  • Safe Identification of the right patient
  • High reduction of patient mix ups 
  • Confirmation at the patient site that collected containers match to the order
  • Perfect label quality – no incorrectly or badly labelled tubes in the laboratory entry 
  • Higher sample quality through support during the blood collection and focused training
  • Traceability throughout the whole process
  • Less reorders through reduction of preanalytical errors 
  • Standardized process of blood collection
  • Prevention of unconformities
  • Cost reduction
  • Time-consuming preparation steps are no longer necessary (no need to print labels or manually label the tubes)
  • Safe and fast patient identification
  • Up-to-date digital worklist with sample orders
  • Support during blood collection (requested tubes  as well as transport conditions and much more other information are automatically displayed).
  • Faster sample entry detection through perfect barcode (label is always in the right place and cannot be smeared by blood or antiseptic)
  • Complete turn-around time known  (from the time of collection to Entry in the Laboratory to the time of storage)
  • Samples always match with the order - no more wrong sample containers in the laboratory
  • Exact sample age is known 
  • Support of ISO standard 15189
  • Improved sample quality due to compliance with pre-analytical instructions (transport conditions, order of draw)
  • Phlebotomists are no longer anonymous - targeted training courses possible
  • Traceability for the tube data (expiration date, lot number, type of tube)
  • Optimized management of inappropriate sample material (underfilled tubes or haemolyzed material) by transferring orders directly back into the LabCollection-worklist
  • Exact time of collection = precise sample age
  • Phlebotomist's name
  • Priority
  • Status of the sample
  • Type of sample material (venous, capillary,..)
  • Patient’s fasting (fasting / not fasting)
  • Optional comment of the sample-taking person

If the sample has already been archived, the exact location of the sample  can be determined in the system (archive rack 1 - row 4 - location 3).
If the sample has not yet been archived, the name/order search or sample history can be used to find out exactly to which workstations (devices) the sample was assigned to. Finding a sample from a workstation rack is done by searching the last 4 digits of the barcode number.

The distribution location is indicated by a simple scan of the tube.

We adapt to your existing protocols, preferable HL7.

Make sure your devices are compatible with Code 128 (ISO recommended standard) and are able to read Alpha and Numeric parts of the barcode. 

No, Greiner eHealth Technologies software products are a middleware. We just communicate with the HIS / LIS.

Interfaces between Greiner eHealth Technologies and LIS are only set up once. After this, standardized export and import routines take place.

No, Greiner eHealth Technologies automatically synchronizes Laboratory master data from the leading master data system. An additional maintenance is not necessary.

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International Sales Coordinator
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